Wallpaper Wednesday - Batch #1 - 16 Phone Wallpapers

Wallpaper Wednesday - Batch #1 - 16 Phone Wallpapers

16 High Quality (1080 x 1920) Phone Wallpaper JPGs -

Over the last 4 months I have been creating weekly free wallpapers on Instagram, each one is only available for 7 days in which I then release a new wallpaper.

For only £4 meaning each wallpaper only costs 25p this product allows you to purchase all 16 of my previously released, no longer available wallpapers in high quality (1080 x 1920) to use on your phone.

The wallpapers include Fan Art of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Spider-Man, BioShock The Witcher, Last Samurai, Star Wars and John Wick

Upon purchase I will receive your email address, I will then email you directly with how to download your wallpapers